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Create a seamless entrance to your Glasgow home with our range of bifold doors. These aluminium bifold doors will open up a property and create a bright space without compromising on security, thermal efficiency or weatherproofing. Use our online quoting engine to request a price today.

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What are Bifold Doors?

Bifolds are a style of door created by a series of panels which fold in a concertina style against the wall. These stylish bifold doors are a fantastic way to update the look and performance of your Glasgow home. These doors require no swing space, which is ideal for smaller spaces like kitchens, balconies, and conservatories.

As bifold doors fold away seamlessly into the corner of a room. This allows you to open up your space and enjoy a seamless transition between a home and garden, balcony, or patio area. Enjoy panoramic views when open and close them without reducing the size of an entranceway.

Use our online quoting engine to get a price tailored to your home improvement project. Get a price tailored to your home today with minimal fuss and no obligation.

Bifold doors Glasgow

Why Choose our Bifold Doors?

Lightweight Yet Sturdy

Our bifold doors are crafted using the flexural strength of aluminium, making them extremely lightweight yet highly robust. Aluminium is a highly weatherproof material so these bifold doors can handle whatever life throws at them.

The aluminium framework is paired with sturdy mechanisms to offer maximum levels of strength and durability. Keep your Glasgow home protected from adverse weather conditions and unwelcome guests.


Smooth Function

Our REAL aluminium bifold doors feature stainless steel rollers at the bottom of the frame. This allows them to glide smoothly open and close for many years to come.

The specialised rollers used on our bifold doors can handled the weight of the profile and glazing. Open and close these doors with minimal physical effort. These quality bifolding doors can be opened and closed for many years without becoming sticky or jamming.


Enjoy Uninterrupted Views

One of the key benefits of installing bifold doors is the way they flood any room with natural light. Brighten up a dark and dingy space without compromising on security or thermal efficiency. A brighter home will appear bigger, more welcoming, and will give the illusion of being bigger.


Bifold doors cost Glasgow

Energy Efficient Designs

If you so choose to install bifold doors, we offer both double and triple-glazed glass options. Despite the expansive panes of glazing, these doors won’t compromise the thermal efficiency of your Glasgow home.

These double or triple glazed installations will help trap heat inside a room and minimise draughts. You won’t have to rely on central heating to keep the space warm in winter, helping to keep energy bills low.


Bifold Doors Glasgow

Enhance Home Security

Our bifold doors offer industry leading levels of security for a Glasgow homeowner. Our range of bifold doors are crafted using real aluminium and modern double or triple glazing. Aluminium is one of the most hard wearing and sturdy materials on the market.

Our range of folding doors are designed with anti-lift bars at the top and bottom, so they can’t be easily lifted from their rollers. For further level of home safety, our bifold doors also feature high-security hinges, two deep throw hooks, big shoot bolts, a high-security lock, and an 8-point multi-locking system across the door.


Why Choose Clydebuilt For a Bifold door?

Experienced Team

We are a family run business with years of experience helping transform the look and appearance of homes in your local area. Although we started our business in 2017, our dedicated team of professionals have been helping customers for over 100 years. You can feel confident your Glasgow home is in safe hands.

Fully Accredited

At Clydebuilt Home Improvements, we take quality seriously. All our products and our installations are fully endorsed by the relevant industry bodies. This means we are regularly assessed to ensure we carry out double glazing installations to the level you expect from us. Don’t trust us? Check out our testimonials today.

Bespoke Design

We know every Glasgow home is unique. That is why our bifold doors are available in multiple configurations and colours. Tailor your installation to your architecture, lifestyle requirements and existing double glazing. Because these bifold doors are available from 2 panes up to 6, they can fit into any size aperture.

Bifold Door Prices, Glasgow

Use our online quoting engine to get a bespoke price today. Input your details into our quoting engine to generate a made to measure price with no obligation to buy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Make an informed decision on your purchase today with our frequently asked questions section.

Will a bifolding door fit in my home?

Our bifold doors cnan fit any size of home in your area! They have a maximum width of 7.2m and a height of 2.5m with up to six panels. When opened up, this style of door has a clear area of 90%, with the frame only occupying just 10% when stacked away to the side. This makes them perfect for small properties.




What's better? Bifold doors or patio doors?

It depends on what is best for you and your Glasgow home. Bifold doors create a clear opening that offers more light and panoramic views.





What are the benefits of lightweight aluminium over uPVC material on bifold doors?

Aluminium is a sturdier material that is more durable and highly resistant to corrosion. These doors require less time, money and energy on upkeep compared to uPVC alternatives.








How much do bifold doors cost?

There is no one size fits all when it comes to our doors, this is the same with our prices. Use our online quoting engine to get a price tailored to your specifications and measurements.


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