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Struggling to find roofing for your conservatory or extension? Look no further! Here at Clydebuilt we are proud to offer Thermotec roofing. A Thermotec roof is a fantastic choice for those who wish to enjoy their spaces all year round – rejecting the sweltering summer heat and making the brisk frosty winter months nice and cosy. You can even save money on your energy bills! Due to Thermotec’s impressive insulation capabilities and high-quality materials.  

To find out more about our innovative Thermotec roofs, keep reading this page! Sold already? Use our quoting engine to receive a free no-obligation online quote today! 

tiled conservatory roofs for homeowners in Scotland
Thermotec roofing
Thermotec roofing
Thermotec roof for homeowners in Scotland

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What is Thermotec?

Thermotec is an insulated aluminium panel system which is an innovative, patented, aluminium roof upgrade. Thermotec panel roofing panels are a high-performance alternative that has a wide range of benefits. Our lightweight panel system does not add any additional weight to an existing build and is must less disruptive as we aim to have it fitted in just 1 day! Whereas, a tiled roof can take a much longer time to complete. The Thermotec lightweight roofing panels contain 70mm of high-density insulation which is the equivalent of 300mm (12 inches) of loft insulation.  In fact, our Thermotec roofing panels can have up to 150mm of high density insulation. These features will keep your conservatory cool in the summer and extra cosy in the winter. Furthermore, with the 2mm colour coated aluminium and thick insulation, our Thermotec roofs are incredibly helpful for sound reduction!

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How will Thermotec Improve my Home’s Energy Efficiency?

One of the primary advantages of having our Thermotec panel roof installed is that your home’s energy efficiency will improve significantly. All our Thermotec panels are thermally insulated to increase the overall performance of your conservatory or extension!  

Our innovative panels are manufactured individually from a lightweight aluminium with a 75mm (about 2.95 in) high-density foam insulated core (our Thermotec roofs can have up to 150mm high density insulation). This allows the Thermotec panels to be eight times more efficient than heavier polycarbonate panels. The most significant thing that distinguishes our Thermotec panels from other roofs on the market is that they are insulated to retain warmth, reject the cold, and reduce external noise. 

Our Thermotec panel design is energy efficient, which means your scary heating expenses will be reduced when switching from polycarbonate, tiled and glass roofs. If your conservatory or extension is not used as much as it could be due to being too warm in summer and too chilly in winter, our Thermotec roofing is perfect for you!  

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Why Choose Thermotec Roofing from Clydebuilt?

For over a decade, our Thermotec roofs have transformed thousands of conservatories and extensions throughout the UK and have proven to be a fantastic alternative to a heavy tiled roof. Our Thermotec roof panels are a customisable product that can be manufactured to fit any size or shape of an existing roof structure. Prior to the installation process, we will survey your build’s roof to ensure each panel fits perfectly.   

All our Thermotec panels come with a comprehensive 10-year guarantee and have a life expectancy of at least 40 years. They are manufactured in the UK and are hand-finished, and powder coated to high standards by a team of experts and highly experienced craftsmen. The high-performance materials, fast professional installation and incredible insulation are just a few of the many reasons we are confident that our Thermotec roofing is the best choice for you!  

Based in Glasgow, we have been proudly supplying home improvement solutions across Scotland for many years. Our expert team, friendly service and top-of-the-range products make us your number one choice! Sit back and relax knowing your home is in great hands, hands that have over 100 years of combined home improvement experience. Contact our friendly team today or use our quoting engine to receive a free no-obligation quote. 


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Our Reviews

You don't have to believe us when we say that our work is of the highest quality. With over 500 reviews on their platform, Trustpilot has rated us excellent. We know our Thermotec roofs are top of the range, and we are thrilled that our customers feel the same way.

Unique Products

We manufacture, supply and install our Thermotec roofs for homeowners across Scotland. As all our products are made bespoke to fit your current build, you can look forward to a relaxed hassle-free experience.

Company Values

As a company, we take quality seriously. Clydebuilt is delighted to be endorsed by various industry bodies and associations. Our customers can have peace of mind knowing that our work is of an excellent standard and can be confident in our products.

Fall Back in Love With Your Conservatory

Conservatories and home extensions are a great investment for your home as it allows you to make the most of your space and increase the value of your home. Older builds often struggle with weather adjustments and are often left unused for most of the year.  

When you choose Thermotec, you choose to make the most of your investments. Make long lasting memories all year long when you choose Clydebuilt! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thermotec roof for homeowners in Scotland

Here at Clydebuilt we offer a wide range of exciting products that are designed to take your home to the next level.

What to learn more about our Thermotec Roofs? Contact our friendly team today! Otherwise, use out online quoting engine to receive a free online quote today!

Are The Thermotec Roofs Heavy?

Our Thermotec roofing panels are lightweight and are made bespoke to fit all existing roof shapes. Many other roof styles are heavy and can cause structural issues in the long run to your property. Thermotec conservatory roofing was create to diminish the risks and to provide peace of mind to our valued customers. Additionally, they don’t take long to install! So you could be enjoying your space once more in no time.

Does Thermotec come in different sizes?

All of our Thermotec roofs can be made to fit your conservatory. Prior to the manufacturing process we will come survey your conservatory/extension to guarantee the perfect fit!

To find out more, please call our friendly team would be more than happy to help answer your queries: 0141 212 2333


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