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Are you looking for a stunning roof lantern to flood your home with light? At Clydebuilt, we supply and install high quality, industry-leading roof lanterns for tradespeople and homeowners across Scotland. If you’d like to hear more about our roof lanterns to ensure a high quality product, then follow the page below!

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Lantern Roofs

What are roof lanterns?

Roof lanterns are a great way to bring plenty of daylight into your home. They are also highly versatile, as they may be utilised on various home improvement projects. Roof lanterns are a great way to improve the visual appeal of your home from the inside and out. They may add an eye-catching element to your living area, providing uninterrupted views of the day or night sky and enhancing the value of your property. Even though we are based in Glasgow, we have supplied and installed our professional-grade roof lanterns across the whole of Scotland.

Lantern roofs may add a lot to the appropriate project. These glass structures, which are both attractive and practical, not only help to let amazing natural light into your home but also provide an atmosphere of space and drama overhead, which can help take a room to new heights of elegance. Take your Scottish home to the next level with a Clydebuilt roof lantern!

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Why choose our roof lanterns?

One of our stunning lantern roofs is the perfect finishing touch for your garden room’s appeal. Given how they’re constructed, more light from the outside can enter the interior, making it feel more open and spacious. In addition to amazing views, you can take advantage of the year-round comfort provided by the structures’ excellent thermally efficient design.

Our roof lanterns are manufactured to provide durability, warmth, and maximum light. Thanks to modern advancements with lantern roofs in the home improvement industry, you can have the perfect lantern roof that fits your home’s style and design. Our well-established team has over 100 years of combined experience, and our founding directors have over 25 years in the home improvement industry. This means that you can be sure that with Clydebuilt, our lantern roofs are government-endorsed to ensure long-lasting durability with high-quality performance and to be energy efficient for your home.


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Adding value to your home

Installing a roof lantern is a fantastic way to boost your home’s aesthetic appearance and market value. Key selling points include a stunning view, low energy costs, and plenty of natural light. Roof lanterns are an excellent long-term investment, whether you plan to sell your property soon or not. Having a roof lantern will also improve the look of your house, both inside and out, because it can give off a beautiful look and excite visitors and everyone who sees it. Again, this reason alone will add value to your home, so it’s very useful if you want to move house because it will attract potential buyers.


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Enhance the energy efficiency of your home.

Energy efficiency is at the forefront of all our products, including our roof lanterns. We value energy efficiency, and so should you! We ensure that all our products are energy efficient. Our roof lanterns from Clydebuilt are built with standard double glazing that can be enhanced further with triple glazing to maximise the performance of your roof lanterns. 

Glazing in your roof lanterns makes your home more energy efficient because less energy is needed to heat or cool a room as they are fiercely thermally retentive. As the natural light shines through your glazed window, the glazing traps that heat to maintain a comfortable temperature during the winter. During the summer, glazed windows allow heat to be filtered out, maintaining a relaxing temperature throughout this period. This means you can be less reliant on artificial energy, heat, or cooling your home throughout the year. 

Property owners, both commercial and residential, have never been more inclined to improve the energy efficiency of their homes due to the rise in energy costs over the last few years. Our roof lanterns’ contemporary design and performance are highly effective at keeping warmth inside a property. This means you can rely less on central heating to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your property, leading to being more energy efficient and reducing your energy bills!

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How Much Does A Roof Lantern Cost?

Use our free online quoting engine to generate a price tailored to your specification and requirements. Just let us know the details of your home improvement project by putting them into online quoting engine for a bespoke price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Make an informed decision about your home improvement project with our FAQ section. Get in touch with our team for more information on our roofing installations.

Where should I fit my lantern roof?

The choice is yours! We work with Aberdeen homeowners to ensure they get exactly the right installation for their property. Where you fit the lantern roof will depend on your personal preferences, the shape of the space, and how you use the room!

If you want to create a bright space in your kitchen or dining area, a lantern roof is a great choice! It can be installed above the dining table or kitchen island. Enhance your living room with a lantern roof, enhancing the aesthetics and creating an open atmosphere.

By adding a roof lantern to a conservatory or garden room can transform the area into a year-round, usable space. Maximize the natural light without compromising on your home’s security or thermal efficiency.

What is the difference between a skylight and a roof lantern?

Great question! A skylight is a flat window set into the roof at the same angle as the roof. A roof lantern is fitted into a flat roof to let in natural light from all sides. Rather than being fitted into the roof, these systems sit on top and are designed to add height to flat roof designs.


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